don’t you know who I am?

I was kind of a small town kid from Santa Rosa when I landed a job at the new Daily Planet night club. I caught the bug and it was’t long before I found myself doing open mic at the Other Cafe, then moving to the City.

Bob Ayres helped me get a bartendinng job at the Waterfront restaraunt and then later called me to help open the new Other Other across from the Cafe’
What a great gig this was. Bill Romer and I shared lots of laughs working the bar.
It was like a big family, owners, employees, talent, the only requirement was you had to be or at least know what funny was. It is amazing to me looking back at how talented you all were and are especially back then.

I remember the first time I met Ellen DeGenerous. She flipped out at me for charging her for a drink after one of the KQED tapings. “don’t you know who I am”? She said. I gave her a Rob Becker style “Nooooohhhh” She was the only one of the many soon to be stars to drop that on me.

When I think back on all the people I had the joy to rif with back then it still blows my mind.

I would love to reconnect with anyone who wants to share memories of those great days in the Haight.


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