The Crazy Hazy Days Of Comedy

The Other Cafe and the Zoo were the two places where my friends and I hung out most nights in those great crazy hazy days of comedy back in the 70’s and 80’s – we had for 5 to 6 years before opening up our own comedy club the Flatiron in San Rafael in August of ’81. Most of our friends then were comedians. We’d all spend hours playing RISK at Durst’s house (or was it Kevin Meaney’s – one of them had a new baby then – I can’t remember now!), or over to Monty’s house near the park for some libations. Random memories of Lorenzo planning the first Comedy Competition in GG park, or traveling with Dr. Gonzo, Monty Hoffman, Steven Pearl and myself to LA for them to play the Comedy Store (I was just the driver of the old Lincoln Mark 4 we took) – we all stayed with friend Dana Carvey while we wrecked havoc in the city of angles. Ah the good ol days of no sleep and cheap drugs. One fun night at the Other Cafe was when we brought a friend with us to see Robin play. This guy looked just like Eddie Money, and the crowd went crazy wanting autographs and taking pictures – all through Robin’s performance. It might have helped if we said he wasn’t – but the audience was having too much fun – and besides, like always, we were enjoying the great comedy talent the Other Cafe always provided!!

Barry Sobol Flatiron.jpg (288 KB)

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