I’m on the Menu!

Over the years, Other Cafe management worked hard to improve and expand the array of food items at the Cafe. And by improve, I mean that my name was used in the title of two dishes: the Bish Burrito and, later, the Bish Burger. It was quite a thrill to spend time in the club not only hearing my name in play, but also to think that, somewhere in the room, a waitress was having a positive thought about me. Sadly, the Other Cafe closed before dreams of future menu items such as the Bishlafel, Spicey Sea Bish, and Spaghetti with Bish Balls could be realized.

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2 Responses to I’m on the Menu!

  1. bob says:

    Even more sadly, we actually TRIED the Bish balls and they proved to be a bit soggy…

  2. Patty Lyons White says:

    And the spaghetti was limp…but you STILL got a billboard on Union St. for being “Sexy, Single and Still Alive at 30”!

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