After Party at the I-Beam

My first introduction to the Other Café was through the softball team. After a grueling workout for “Café Management”, I was given the thumbs up to join this elite group of athletes. Win or lose, after each game, we always came back to the Café to hang out and party, (a major perk). Imagine sitting in the audience watching one of the many hysterically gifted comedians, and all of a sudden in the middle of their set, a group of sweaty guys in full softball uniforms proudly cruising through the middle of the room…Always a kudo for the team when the comedian made a wisecrack directed at us!

The team was always treated to all we can eat, drink and a FREE show! Bob, Chip and Richard made us feel right at home… With much love–thank you! Quite often the party ended up at the I-Beam on Haight, dancing the night away in our softball uniforms… Hit that perfect beat boys!

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  1. bob says:

    Marks softball try-out was legendary…. At first we thought he had a bit of a prima donna attitude but then he fielded one hard hit grounder after another proving not only was he good looking, but was also a good looking prospect. He became our starting 3rd basemen then our shortstop then our second baseman… Now he is just a great real estate agent on the pennisula and friend while the rest of us still beat up on younger less experienced teams. Mark always has time for your referrals.

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