My memorable experience! Circa 1983?? I spent an entire day with Other Productions as the back stage make-up/hair person. This was an extravaganza of young raw comic talent. The taping was shot at Wolfgangs on Columbus St. for I believe ONTV a very early cable television network show. Ok, besides the stories I will not share because of professionalism I will tell you this: Master of Ceremony… Paula Poundstone. Comics in the line up: Dana Carvey, Kevin Nealon, Kevin Meaney, Kevin Pollack, Bruce Baum, Will Durst, Bobby Slayton and a not yet out of the closet Ellen Degeneres! Lon McQuillin was the TV director responsible for me getting the gig. I was also taking telephone messages for Bob and Chip on the one phone back stage. One message I took was from Whoopi Goldberg wanting me to tell the guys it was a “GO”. I don’t think anyone believes me when I tell them about that gig! The Other Cafe was cutting edge and San Francisco was the happening place for comedy.

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