The Night We Saw Robin

We went to see Dana Carvey at The Other (we went every time he came in to do stand-up). Dana was great as usual, then Mark McCollum cane in to do a surprize bit, and Robin Williams arrived, and all of us, Dana included, were frozen in awe. Robin was in full “Mork” fame at this time. And to make it better, we had friends from Chicago who NEVER thought they’d see all this comic firepower (given Dana’s future too)-It seems like yesterday.

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  1. OK, this is amazing! I totally forgot about that night. What a blast to be reminded of such an amazing and fun event.

  2. Jolie says:

    I was probably there that night – Dana lived in the dorms and performed at a dorm talent show (with a cold) and killed. He was competing the second or third annual comedy competition and encouraged people to come out and support him – we did, and discovered the world of stand up comedy! The Other Cafe was one of my favorite venues because it was so comfortable – I even went by myself sometimes and never felt strange. On my first date with a boyfriend I ended up dating for 5 years (must have made a really good first impression!) he asked where I wanted to go and I said “the Other Cafe.” When Robin Williams showed up – wow! And later he was interviewed in Playboy magazine and made some references to the hecklers from that night! (He was doing his usual bouncing off the walls stream of consciousness improv – and some people kept shouting “do your act!” and he handled them in a way that didn’t throw cold water on the mood – but according to the interview he was pretty steamed. He showed up for free and was just trying to stay sharp and didn’t need the criticism!)

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