early 80’s

We used to go to the open mic nights in 82 and 83. My girlfriend Christine and I and whoever we could drag along. Always sitting in the front row, we would watch Evan Davis, Paula, Jeremy and Pearl all do their thing. I remember Chris Titus just starting out. One night Robin Williams came in to do a drop in and asked Christine what she wanted to do. She said, “act”. Robin brought her onstage and he went to the back and played a casting director. One night Evan Davis pulled out a gun from a purse. Remember the car that drove through the front door?
Milt Abel being asked to tell us a story.
Mouser, where are you?

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  1. Bill Carpini says:

    I remember the car that drove through the door. I was the doorman that night, and was sitting right there! I can even give you details of the guy that did it (though I don’t know why). His name was Bob Bascom and he drove a dark green Honda Civic with Oregon plates. I think Rick Reynolds was emceeing that night. Miraculously, all the shattered glass went flying down the walkway/aisle inside the club, and no one was hurt.

  2. Larry Swimer says:

    Yo – Carpini!!!! What’s the good the word? Stil in Sacto? We should hook up. Love to see you. I got a call out of the blue 2 tears ago from Drew. Then he disappeared!!!!!

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