I was 14

I have the most amazing memories of the Other Café and wish for it back all the time. I lived in the neigborhood for about a year when I was a kid, and managed to land a job as a bus boy in the morning. Becuase of this, they would sometimes let me into the shows at night. As a kid, I think I really wasn’t supposed to come in at night, but I was let in and given a Coke and a Blondie (the Vanilla brownie’s that I will never forget, and which have never been as good since the Other Cafe). I used to go every night my parents would let me and that I could get in (usually open mic on Mondays). I Saw Dana Carvey and Robin Williams there one night (for the first time). Truly unforgettable

Now I live in the neighborhood again and drive by Carl and Cole all the time, look at the Crepe place (that occupies the old spot) and with a sigh wonder how it is that the Other Cafe isn’t still there!

I am SO pleased you are doing a reunion and think you really need to re-open and try to recapture that old vibe.

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  1. bob says:

    This note just kills me. You are the reason we were able to keep our doors open as long as we did.

    thx for the support

  2. Kathryn Franks says:

    Mmmmmmmmm, I remember those blondies, first time I ever had one.

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