I loved working at The Other Cafe!

Waitressing at The Other may have been the funnest job of my life. That little room transformed every night, depending on who was performing, cooking, dishwashing, waiting tables,and the audience. A nightly surprise. I remember how if Bobby Slaton was on I would try to wait tables furthest from the stage, since he’d always find a way to work the closest waitress into a raunchy bit about what kind of a lay we were. And If Daryl was on, again, the back tables because he’d get so worked up over that Hunter Thompson I-5 routine that he’d spit and sweat all over the front row. All of the waitresses were in love with our bosses; Bob, Steve, Chip, and Richard they were relaxed and adorable! Hope to see many of you on the 25th!

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  1. bob says:

    We weren’t half as adorable as the waitresses..

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