The Healing Closet

I remember working there in the early 80s all the while studying at the Acupressure Institute. We used the closet off from the kitchen to go in and have treatments by me whether it was a performer like Robin Williams or Jane Dornacker or just another staff member who was in need of some acupressure and tension relief. Those were the days when we were all so open and willing to try new things.
Its been 26 years now that I have had my successful Zen Shiatsu practice in SF and Marin (plus teach at a few schools in the bay area and mentor private serious students of Shiatsu) and I owe my beginnings to The Other Cafe who graciously let me try my techniques while the nachos were in the oven!

Thank you! I can’t think of a happier place to springboard into my career from!

Kathy Kapps

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3 Responses to The Healing Closet

  1. bob says:

    And so it is Zen Nachos were born!..

    Thank you Kathy…

  2. Kathryn Franks says:

    What was the name of that comedian with the rubber face, first name Michael, he was a kid’s counsler by day. Huge sweet guy, he was so funny!

  3. Efrem Cray says:

    That would be Michael Pritchard who isa prince of a guy!!:

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