Coming of age….

As I turned 21 friends told me about a new after hours night club/comedy club under construction in my home town of Santa Rosa. I walked in and was introduced to Bob Ayres. Life changed forever.

Within a few monthes Bob made a floor manager and we created a modern music night on Wednesdays. Ted Cousins mixing great music and Matt Koons playing great videos. Santa Rosa had seen nothing like this before. People were in lines around the block to get in and it was the place to be seen.

We could go into any resturant or bar and were instant celebrities. Everybody wanted to go to “The Planet”.

It opened my eyes to great comedy as well. One night in my office I had the pleasure of having Rob Schieder, Paula Poundstone and Robin Williams chatting before a show. I was in awe.

Bob, Chip and Rich took me to open two more clubs in the Bay Area after the Daily Planet and the life experiences I had I will never forget.

I traveled with Bob to Sacramento once to scout out spots for a new club. I remember the ride in the back of Bob’s car with many new experiences including newly released U2’s “Joshua Tree”.

We went to Atlanta for a “night club” convention. Most of those stories I will save for another time.

The last club was “Politics” in Emeryville. An amazing 10,000 square foot comedy club, night club and resturant. We had all the major east bay football, basketball and baseball players. Record release parties for huge bands and comedy that featured poeple like Martin Lawrence.

I grew up over those years and I thank Bob, Rich, Chip, Scotty, Amy and Ted for letting me go along for the ride. Taking a chance on a young kid in the night club world where others wouldn’t.

Thanks for the memories….

John McGill

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  1. bob says:

    Thank you John, I think you know all of us feel the same about you.. Besides being an incredible manager/employee, you were a friend and confidant and well, that ride to Sacramento listening to the just released Joshua Tree is legendary for me as well..


  2. Rudy Reber says:

    The first time I went to the Other Cafe was to see (and I couldn’t possibly make this up} Bobby Slayton open for Dr. Timothy Leary. Had to be way late 1980 or way early 1981. There was some hippie chick there who kept playing Bob Dylan music from a player in her backpack while Bobby was on stage until someone {probably Bob Ayers} finally tossed her out. Little did I know that within the year I’d be on that same stage. Have a great reunion show!

  3. We were privileged…the Other was our neighborhood fun spot — Terence and I walked down after dinner to check out Jane or Paula, Robin or Screamin’ Bob — they were all there either hanging or cracking us up. Good times.

  4. Andy Dooley-Miller says:

    I had moved to San Francisco around 1980 and lived in the 19th and Judah area. Not having much money, I was always looking for a deal. I discovered Monday night at the Other for, I think,$1! A bargain for an evening of great up-and- coming comedians.
    My favorite was the host Paula Poundstone. I can remember her comments about the “house cola”, cats, and pop tarts, among other.
    It was just had a great place to laugh and be with friends. Everyone felt part of the Other.
    I live up in the Sierra Foothills now,and my son has now moved to SF and is jealous of my living in those wonderful times.

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