We lived on Clayton St. so we were regulars at The Other. At the time I was an entertainment attorney, representing Robin Williams, Michael Pritchard, Will Durst. I also represented The Other, but they may have stiffed me and I can’t remember what I did for them anyway. Best memory is when my Mom died and Robin and Will decided I needed “comedy therapy.” They took me to The Other Cafe, conspired with Bob and used me for a comic prop.
Phil Ryan

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  1. Liz Scarpelli says:

    I was so sad when this little neighborhood venue closed. It was such a funky yet intimate and personal place to be in. How great to see Dana Carvey juggling eggplant, bowling ball and an egg or Bob Sarlatte or Will Durst’s political railings. We always left laughing and couldn’t wait for the next show. Folk artists also were showcased, I think Jean Redpath comes to mind. The Other Cafe truly was an institution, and other than the Holy City Zoo, which had was more of a bar, there was nothing else quite like it in SF.

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