other memories

i remember living on carl and parnassus, i belonged to a christiam community and there were about 3 or 4 of us that would hang out during the day at the other and taking in some shows at night, one of the people bein beverly; she was a midget and everyone treated her so well, alas she has passed on since then. i remember durst doing the marothon on the phone, bob sarlatte, doing the rate the song bit, dana carvey, he told me i looked like his sister, i didnt know he was part latino. kevin meaney, food service, jeremy kramer, his purple suit, etc. i moved away and when i came back the other was gone, had a crush on the guy that wore the ponytail, manager/owner of the other, never told him though. saw timothy leary, that was a trip. just found out the other is in marin, sure want to visit. i missed the 30 year reunion in the park and at the other, darn it. love and peace, judith

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