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Fool me twice, shame on me!

I was lucky enough to pal around with Other Cafe owners Bob, Chip, and Richard when the comedy club was hitting its stride in the late ’70’s, which meant that I was exposed to quite a bit of Cafe-related prankery. … Continue reading

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My memories

My memories of the early Café days are more flashes than cohesive memories as I was just a young lad (having been born in 1970). However being Bob’s nephew came with its privileges as I often times got to visit … Continue reading

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Goldthwait off to rough start, saved by the Homeless Guy

The first time I saw Bobcat was at The Other. He started with his usual, painful, over-the-top, snot-infested “hey, how ya doin, welcome to the show, whatta ya do for living . . .” greeting and the crowd just didn’t … Continue reading

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