Fondly remember a night in August 1981. Took a free seat at a table in the front, armed with just purchased new albums by Richie Havens (“Connections”) and Bob Dylan (“Shot of Love”). Picked on immediately by the MC who wanted to know why I was alone and wondered if I ever bought music by anybody born after 1945. I then proceeded to tell him that I could do a mean impression of Dylan clearing his throat (I had heard this on a live Jose Feliciano album) which got more laughs than the MC. He decided to leave me alone.

Also remember late into the show when a cop car pulled up to the curb which naturally gave the stand up (wish I can remember who was on the bill – it was August 1981) plenty of ammo to ad-lib. While he was yakking the smiling cops turned their search light on which lit up the entire club, whie breaking it up as well. Great times.

I was a 22 year old kid away from home in Montreal travelling extensively for the first time and fell in love with SF the moment I stepped off the train. I’ve been trying to get back for over 30 years.

I won’t ever forget my evening at The Other Cafe.

Mitch Melnick

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